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Broadway Baby Classes:   40 Minute Class

Ballet, Tap & Jazz

$45 a month at 1 class per week

$75 a month at 2 classes per week 

$95 a month at 3 classes per week


All other dance classes:   1 Hour Class

Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary,

Lyrical, Acro, Creating Choreo & Musical Theatre Dance 

$48 a month at 1 class per week

$84 a month at 2 classes per week

$112 a month at 3 classes per week

$145 a month at 4 classes per week

$166 a month at 5 classes per week

** Take 5 classes and get your 6th FREE!


Triple Threat Classes :  1 Hour Class

Singing lessons with voice coach, dancing, acting, improv & theatre work.

$55 a month at 1 class per week


Divaz Solo Classes:   Each Class 45 Minutes

$150 a month at 1 class per week


** All Competition Dancers are required to take a monthly

Saturday 2 hour technique class with Miss Chris for acro/strengthening and Miss Kristen for ballet/jazz technique (please refer to the 2020/2021 class schedule for details.) There is a $10 monthly workshop fee added to tuition.




Second child gets

20% off all classes

Third child gets

25% off all classes

**** There are two options for tuition payment.


You can sign up for our convenient monthly recurring payment plan using a credit card. You will be charged monthly, the same amount based on the number of classes taken. Receipts can be printed out, upon request, at any time.


The other option for tuition is paying every three months (by the designated dates) with cash, credit or check. (If any checks bounce, the fee will be at the cost of the customer.)


    The following are the due dates

    for the full 3 months tuition: 

  • First tuition for September, October, & November

       is due at time of registration, August 31, 2020

  • Second tuition for December, January & February

       is due December 1, 2020

  • Third tuition for March, April, May & June

       is due March 1, 2021

**All late payments will be charged a $15 fee. 

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