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     Divaz Dance Academy performs their annual recital at the end of each season at East Haven High School.

There will be upcoming competition opportunities for elite dancers- info coming soon!!

Show tickets and DVDs can be purchased before hand.


In-studio run throughs and a dress rehearsal at the auditorium

are required to perform in the big show.

Costumes, which are purchased by parents/guardians, must be paid in full in order to participate in the recital/competitions. A costume payment due date will be assigned as we get closer.

Hair and makeup will be specified, as well. Other fun parts of recital season

include picture day and dance program books!

Class attendance is crucial during recital/competition season and excessive absences means a student won't be prepared enough to perform. Dance is a team sport and all members need to be equally dedicated to achieve their best  results. Recitals and comps are not required for dancers.
Everyone is welcome at Divaz,  even if they don't want to perform, but dancers may change their mind when bit by the show biz bug ;)

For more details on this, please refer to the student/parent contract 


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