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  • Ballet: Ballet is a form of dance characterized by graceful, fluid movements. Proper technique is an important aspect of Ballet. Dancers learn terminology, musicality, and technique in classes. Flexibility and strengthening are a large focus, as well.


  • Tap: Tap is a dance style that utilizes the sound of shoes as percussion. Dancers learn both styles of tap; Rhythm and Broadway Tap. Lessons focus on terminology and musical elements , such as, rhythm, beat making and tempos. Dancers learn how to  put together classic tap steps to build choreography.


  • Hip Hop: Hip Hop is an up-tempo, high energy form of dance. Lessons in isolations, popping and locking, freestyle and breaking are introduced. Dancers enjoy doing popular, and age appropriate "music video" line dances to today's top songs. Workshops in drill and step will be taught in class as well.


  • Jazz: Jazz Dance became popularized by musical theatre. Technique for jazz is graceful yet strong, utilizing sharp/precise movements. Dancers learn flexibility and balance which is needed for turns and jumps. Jazz dancers bring songs to life by being animated and theatrical.

  • Contemporary: Contemporary is a dance form that allow the dancer to express themselves using elements of modern, lyrical, and classical ballet. Technique for contemporary is graceful and fluid. Dancers convey an emotion or message with their movements.

  • Lyrical: Lyrical Dance is a style created by merging ballet and jazz. Choreography is performed to music and lyrics that inspire emotions and movements. Students learn proper ballet technique while connecting musicality, dance and mood to a variety of jazz and modern styles.

  • Acrobatics: Acro is defined by intricate tricks being performed with great skill, precision and agility. Students learn stunts and tumbling while working on skills in flexibility and strength.

  • Musical Theatre Dance: The style of dance seen in all musicals. Dancers learn jazz steps and technique. Choreography is done to classic showtunes from some of your favorite musicals. 

  • Triple Threat: If you love musicals or are a Triple Threat then this is the class for you. In Triple Threat classes, students learn lessons in singing, dancing, acting and improvisation. The first half of the year students play fun, yet challenging improv games and activities. These games promote creativity, self expression and team work. Lessons in voice are taught such as vocal terms, and warm ups. Students will learn a practice piece from a famous musical. Jazz choreography and vocabulary are taught in fun dance lessons. Students learn the principals of script reading and what it takes to "get into character." These skills assist students who may be involved or interested in auditioning for musical productions. The second half of the year is spent getting prepared for the recital . Students will perform musicals and skits which incorporate all of the aspects of theater that they have learned throughout the year. 

  • Pointe: Classical Ballet technique where dancers support all body weight on the tips of their toes with pointe shoes. Offered to advanced ballet dancers only.

  • Creating Choreo: ​This class gives the dancer a more hands on approach to your average dance class. The dancer will learn/review skills in ballet, jazz, and musical theatre. Dance vocabulary and proper technique will be taught as their basis to create dances. The process of creating a piece, as well as all staging aspects will be investigated during class. This includes assisting in choosing costuming, themes, props, etc. Then dancers put their knowledge and skills to work as they create and perform their very own choreography. 


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