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Modern Ballet Dancers


The Unicrew Competition Dance Team is a fun way for Dancers to take their love of dance

to the next level and experience more performance opportunities. 

4 AWARDS at Groove Competition 

  • Tap Gold

  • Tap First in Category

  • Tap 8th Overall

  • High Silver in Contemporary

***If you are interested in the comp team, it is by invitation by your teacher or you can inquire about upcoming auditions.***


***Details 0n the 2021-2022 Comp Season Coming Soon***

4 AWARDS at Groove Competition

  • Top 10 and Elite Sapphire for Hip Hop Large Group

  • First in Category for Tap Trio

  • Elite Sapphire for Contemporary Duet

  • Sapphire for Tap Duet


4 AWARDS at Starpower Competition

  • Second in Category for Hip Hop Large Group

  • Fifth Overall Age Group

  • Second in Category for Tap Trio

  • Third Overall Age Group

5 AWARDS at Nextstar Competition

  • High Gold for Hip Hop Large Group

  • Third Overall Age Group

  • Platinum First in category Tap Trio

  • Fifth Overall Age Group

  • The "Sweetheart Award" 

Slay gals, slay!!


3 AWARDS at International Dance Challenge 

  • Gold for Tap

  • Gold for Contemporary

  • Award for the Tap Showdown


6 AWARDS at Beyond the Stars

Virtual Dance Competition

•Platinum for Rising Star Jazz Solo
•Platinum for Rising Star Contemporary Solo
•Platinum for Rising Star Lyrical Solo
•Platinum for Rising Star Jazz Trio
•High Gold for Rising Star Tap Duet
•Platinum for Rising Star Hip Hop Small Group”

6 AWARDS at Turn it Up 

Virtual Dance Competition

•Platinum for Intermediate Jazz Solo
• High Gold for Intermediate Contemporary Solo
•Platinum for Intermediate Lyric Solo
•High Gold for Intermediate Jazz Trio
•Platinum for Intermediate Tap Duet
•Platinum for Intermediate Hip Hop Small Group

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