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  • Broadway Babies: (pre level classes) Ages 3-6 years old. If your child is a Broadway Baby then that means they love music and movement. These beginner level classes allow young dancers to express their own creative side while learning the basics of dance. Vocabulary is introduced and rhythm, coordination and balance are taught. Dance games are utilized to establish skills in teamwork, space awareness and movement. Classes start with a fun warm up stretch, continue with traveling "across the floor" and end with a combination that reviews the daily lesson.


  • Mini Muffins: (level 1 classes) Ages 6-8 years old. The Mini Muffins at Divaz are ready to take center stage! These are more advanced beginner level classes. Dancers review vocabulary and learn new vocabulary. Technique is introduced and focused on throughout the Dance year. Choreography is more intricate and dancers begin flexibility training.  Dance games are played to help build skills in teamwork, improvisation, rhythm/musicality and creating choreography. Each class starts with a standing and sitting floor stretch. Ballet Barres are utilized, traveling "across the floor" work is done, and the class ends with a combination that will be added onto each week to create the recital piece.


  • Prancing Pegasus: (level 2) Ages 9-12 years old. Lights, Camera, Action....the Pegasus are prancing through! These are intermediate level classes and built off of the basics learned in younger classes. Vocabulary is used and understood in every class. Technique is a huge component to this level. Flexibility and strengthening skills become more challenging, while lessons on staging are introduced. Each class begins with a full standing, sitting and barre stretch. Center work is done to practice specific steps and combos. More advanced "across the floor" steps are worked on and each class ends with choreography that will be built into a recital piece.


  • Teen Qweens: (level 3) ages 13-17 years old. Roll out the red carpet for the Teen Qweens! These advanced level classes are based off of skills learned in younger classes. By this level, vocabulary has been mastered. Technique, choreography and strengthening skills are the main focus. Teens work on independent combinations and are more hands on with the choreography process. Lessons in staging, costuming and makeup are touched on as well. Classes begin with a full standing and sitting stretch, and a cardio warm up. Barre  work incorporates advanced combinations and flexibility training. Dancers continue "across the floor" in a more challenging way, utilizing multiple steps to make traveling choreography. Each class ends with choreography which will be used in the recital.


  • The Uni-Crew: (Competitive Dance Company) Ages 9-12 Prancing Pegasus Uni-Crew and Ages 13-17 Teen Qween Uni-Crew. The Uni-Crew is the Divaz Dance Academy traveling, competitive dance troupe. This company is for serious, dedicated dancers who want to take their dance education to a higher level. These are repertoire classes mainly based in technique and choreography. To be in the Uni-Crew you need a personal invitation from one of your teachers (which will be decided on by both your teacher and Miss Vicky) or you can try out at one of our in school auditions. Auditions and Competition info coming soon.   Dates will be posted on the website in the "news" section, check back in or ask Miss Vicky.


  • Adult Classes: Calling all fun and fabulous grown ups! Divaz offers adult classes too! Do you love dancing around your house to great music like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Beyoncé?  Have you watched your amazing child dance and think "I wish I could do that." Well, it's your turn now! Divaz is now offering a free monthly adult class on the first Tuesday of every month from 7:30-8:30. (Must have a dancer enrolled, first come first serve.) Can't wait to see ya there!

Divaz Dance Academy offers a variety of classes to all age groups!

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