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  • Respect your teachers, classmates and yourself.

  • Hands to ourselves at all times (no exceptions), and no touching any one else's property.

  • No gum chewing or sticky drinks in studio (do bring a water bottle and a healthy snack)

  • Clean up after yourself or your child, if there is a mess made. There will be garbage cans in the studio.

  • Inside voices should be used when in the office/waiting area (especially when there are classes going on). No rough housing in the studio. If you have a break bring an activity to do (a book, drawing materials, homework).

  • Lost or stolen property is not the responsibility of Divaz Dance Academy. All dancers and parents are responsible for their own belongings. Please do not send your child in with valuables. Teens who need to keep cell phones can bring them in to the dancing area (put away in bags, no cell phone use during any classes).

  • Any issues a student is having in class should be brought to their teacher and Miss Vicky's attention so that we can resolve it properly, together. Teachers are here to help.

  • Help your dance family members if they need assistance or even if they just need a hi-5 or a sprinkle of some unicorn glitter!

  • Always give 100% effort and pizzazz in your classes!

  • Most importantly.....HAVE FUN!

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